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liveSensor – Tracking as if you were on board.

Benefits liveSensor

Your benefits.

Door-to-door tracking across the entire transport chain.

Proven technology from 15 years of tracking experience: GPS tracking with jammer recognition and additional backup technologies (Wi-Fi, GSM). 

Fine sensor technology for detailed monitoring: measures and transmits information about temperature, light, shock, pressure, air humidity and position within the space. 

Protected during cargo handling by a robust case. 

20-day battery life. Also suitable for long-haul flights and stopovers. 

Delivery and pickup of the device at the target location are included in the service. 

Fulfills all legal air safety requirements and may therefore fly in passenger aircraft and freighters. 

More safety: the light sensor recognizes and reports light penetration – so that you know exactly whether, when and where your package was opened.