FAQ liveSensor

Order and Booking

How can I order the liveSensor device?
Sign in to eServices on Lufthansa-cargo.com with your eServices login data. If you don’t have login data yet, you can easily register for eServices on our website. To order the liveSensor devices visit “liveSensor tracker” in the eServices menu. Your order will be delivered to you wished address.
What is the price for a liveSensor device?
The cost for LiveSensor are 135€/ 155$ per device (prices may vary due to local tax and custom regulations) for a lending period of 100 days. One order shall be made fort least 10 devices that have to be commissioned for return within these 100 days.
What should I do if I do not use the ordered tracking devices?
You are renting the tracking devices for up to 100 days. Within this time span you can commission the return of the devices online via www.Lufthansa-Cargo.com/returnme form and they will be picked up by a forwarding company worldwide at no additional cost. By excess of the 100 days, you will be charged with a penalty, worth the replacement value of 350 €/ $370.
Which products can be combined with liveSensor?
The Add-on Service liveSensor can be combined with any product in Lufthansa Cargo’s offer.
It is possible to use the device beyond the Lufthansa Cargo network?
Yes. To monitor the entire transport chain of your shipment, you can use your device with further logistic partners. Therefore, we send the tracking device to your preferred address and collect them at the end of your supply chain. To return a device, please use the following link: lufthansa-cargo.com/returnme.
The devices can be individually commissioned for return.
When using the tracking device on a different airline than Lufthansa Cargo, it is in your responsibility to gain the airline’s approval for carrying a tracking device with your shipment.
Lufthansa Cargo is not responsible for any consequences arising from carrying the tracking devices onboard other carriers without prior approval.
All carriers that have approved the PT300D tracking device from Sendum can be found here: https://sendum.com/pt300-package-tracker/airline-approvals.html.
Are there different devices?
Lufthansa Cargo has decided to offer you the tracking device PT300D from Sendum Wireless, in order to provide the best service to you.
Is it possible to extend the lending period of 100 days?
No it is not possible to extend the lending period of 100 days.

Technical Questions

What are the dimensions of a tracking device?
The device has the following extent: 13,5cm/5,2cm/1,2cm given in length/wide/height.
The weight of a device: ca. 120 gram.
Which configurations can I make with the device?

There is a large variety of individual configurations that can be made. Determine for example

  • in which intervals the location as well as the sensor data should be and submitted,
  • whether the so called GPS jamming should be detected,
  • when and how long the device should go to “Deep Sleep Mode” and
  • under which pressure an alarm message should be initiated.

Moreover, by clicking the button “Rules”, you can define ranges in which you want to receive an alert, so if the shipment exceeds or falls below a defined temperature, humidity degree, and so on. To import the configurations to your device, do not forget to click the “Send to Device” button in the upper right corner.

Which duration has a fully loaded battery?
A fully loaded battery has approximately a duration of 20 days under the following conditions: the device is in average-to-good cellular coverage, the device is on 24 hours a day, sensor data are tracked every 30 seconds, location and status messages are transmitted every 2 hours and the device operates in non-freezing temperature conditions. Please note that the battery duration may vary due to the configurations you defined.
Does the service include a battery charger for the devices?
No. But it is possible to recharge the devices via a customary mini-USB battery charger. The general battery life is about 20 days.
Does the device record photos?
No, does not.

Tracking portal “Findum” and tracking data

I have got a device, what do I have to do to track a shipment?
You will receive the login data for the liveSensor tracking portal “Findum” from Lufthansa Cargo. After receipt of the login data, login to Findum.Sendum.com. To activate the LiveSensor tracking device simply put together both components of the tracking device. Now you can adjust your configurations. Please note that you are obligated, due to the transport conditions, to declare in your booking or inform your agent that you have one or more shipments that are being tracked. For this purpose tick the Real Time Tracking Checkbox in your booking. If you carry a device in your shipment without informing Lufthansa Cargo, irregularities may occur that involve high effort and cost. Therefore, we will charge you a fine of 10.000 €/ $10.000 in order to compensate with the expenses thereby incurred.
How can I activate a tracking device and how can I connect with the tracking portal Findum?
The devices will automatically be added to your account. Activate the devices by simply putting together two components of the tracking device. The device sends a signal and connects automatically with the tracking portal Findum.
Which internet browsers are supported by the tracking portal?
Windows: Chrome 9+ Firefox 12+ IE 11+
Mac: Safari 6+ Chrome 22+ Firefox 14+
Where can I track my shipment with the liveSensor?
You can track your shipment worldwide with our liveSensor service.
Can I track several devices with one account?
Yes, you can track several devices with one account. The devices are displayed separately and can be configured individually.
Can I download the tracked data of my tracking device?
You can export your data in the .csv format.
How secure are my data and who may consult them?
No person other than yourself and Lufthansa Cargo can view the data. But you decide which data may be recorded or not. When wished you can share your data to your stakeholders in a view-only version. Our high security standards and data protection regulations apply all the time.
What is a geofence?
A geofence is a virtual geographic boundary of an area that you defined. You can set for example a geofence around the warehouse in which your shipment is and you will receive an alarm message right in the moment it leaves this virtual boundary or when it enters this area again.
What is the Sensor Report scale for?
If you only want to track the sensor data of your shipment but not the location, you can define the intervals in which the sensor data should be extracted from your device, with the Sensor Report scale.
What does the yellow alarm triangle mean?
If a device has one or more unclear alarms associated with it, this will be indicated with a yellow alarm triangle.
What is the difference between Assisted Location and Autonomous Location?
The Assisted Location Method is more reliable and precise in locating the current position then the Autonomous Location Method. However the power as well as the data consumption is higher with this more precise method. The autonomous Location Method does not receive a signal in case of GPS signal impairment, what can be triggered/initiated by a so called GPS jammer.
Is there any difference in price if I ask for less data?
No. You can determine whether to monitor different data or not. You can adjust this feature even during the usage of a device. The price remains the same.

In case of loss and damages

What happens if I lose a device in my charge?
In case of loss or late commission for the pick-up of the device after the lending period of 100 days, we will charge you with a compensation fee, worth the replacement value of 350 €/ 370$ per device.
What is the Proforma form?
The proforma form could be used for easier handling at customs.

Device and shipment

Is it possible to add a device to my shipment at the airport by a ground handling agent?
No. You are asked to add the devices to your preferred shipments by yourself. Therefore, we send the devices to your favored address.
What is the right position for my tracking device?
The full potential of liveSensor could only be ensured by the right use of the device. The light sensor directly reports you whether your shipment is closed or not. Even in darkness, the infrared sensor could report you reliable information. Therefore, the device must be packed into the parcels. Additionally, the risk of loss will be minimized.
Why am I obligated to declare in my booking that the shipment is tracked?
In accordance with the transport conditions of Lufthansa Cargo you are obligated to inform us about the shipments which you attached a liveSensor tracking device. Please note that all tracking devices that contain lithium batteries are subject to the applicable IATA DGR regulations. Undeclared tracking device might imply not authorized device with a risk potential within your shipment.
Therefore, we will charge you a fine of 10.000 €/ $10.000 in order to compensate with the expenses thereby incurred.
For further and more detailed information please visit the help site on Findum.Sendum.com.