Individual transport solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Your benefits at a glance.


An international team of specialists with in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

Speed and flexibility:

The fastest connections to over 300 destinations, 24/7 planning and execution of emergency transports, guaranteed capacity access in emergencies.

Individual charter solutions possible.

No weight restrictions.


24/7 oil and gas emergency hotline: +49 69 696-50099.


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    Air freight: A factor in quality assurance in your supply chain.

    We know from experience how specific the requirements of your shipments are. That is why we offer you a wide selection of logistics solutions for the oil and gas industry: from standardized to customer processes, including 24/7 availability. At the same time, safety and environmental concerns always take top priority. With Emergency.Solutions - our product tailored to your specific needs - we ensure that we gain the upper hand over any emergency you face. Extraordinary solutions are the norm in such cases.
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    Emergency.Solutions - our express solution that does the impossible.

    Thanks to the extrem availability at short-notice of Emergency.Solutions, you can replace a faulty controller on your anchor-handling tug-supply vessel quickly enough to safely secure the anchor chain that tore loose to the drilling platform again. You can also count on Emergency.Solutions when a production or storage vessel is in desperate need of a blowout preventer or a spare part as production would otherwise come to a standstill. As a result, your transport will be ready for takeoff within a matter of hours – fully trackable, of course, and not subject to capacity restrictions. Even when faced with the challenging demands of the oil and gas industry, we do the impossible with Emergency.Solutions.
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    More than 300 destinations in some 100 countries.

    At the same time, you always benefit from our global network. We offer you more than 300 destinations in some 100 countries. Thanks to our freighter fleet, which consists of MD-11F and the new Boeing 777F, even oversized cargo items arrive safely, wherever they are needed. And if your freight needs to be transported to a remote location not covered by our network, we offer you the option of charter flights or we will re-route one of our scheduled freighter flights.

    Courier.Solutions provides particularly short and safe transit with personal supervision. This solution ensures that time-sensitive and high-value cargo items - regardless of size and weight - arrive at their destination as quickly as possible.
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    Care/td - our special product for dangerous goods.

    But Lufthansa Cargo is also the right choice when it comes to transporting dangerous goods: With Care/td, we take care of cargo items for you that can only be transported in compliance with special safety regulations. Our Care/td transports comply with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and always give top priority in equal measure to the safety of people, the consignment, the environment and the aircraft. Your standard supply needs are best met with td.Pro, while td.Flash is an additional proven express option available to you.

    The benefits for you are clear. No matter if you need to ship equipment for oil and gas installations, spare parts for offshore helicopters and specialized vessels, machinery, valves, pumps, drill heads, electronic equipment, dangerous goods or oversized cargo items, you will find the right logistics solution and the necessary capacity access at Lufthansa Cargo.

Sales contacts worldwide.


Area of responsibility   Last name   First name  City/Info  Phone  Email
Worldwide Ostermann Sebastian Frankfurt +49 69 696 30216
Norway Haugen Jon Oslo +47 67209361
United Kingdom and Ireland Hamilton Douglas Aberdeen +44 2089907784
Benelux, France and Switzerland Nibbering Paul Amsterdam +31 206555113
Germany Aschmies Michael Hannover +49 151 589 28898
Italy Orru Marco Andrea Milan +39 3492371214
Middle East Abdul-Khader Shafeek Dubai +97 146027050
Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Georgia Bolgarov Valeriy Baku +99 412 4374882
South East Asia Lim Danny Singapore +65 65181162
Korea Kim Nayoung Seoul +82 2 3420 0319
United States Juneja Sanjeev Chicago +1 773 727 4873
United States Lobo Rohan Houston +1 2818212339
United States Perla Leybi Houston +1 281 821 0757
South America Helmer Sylvia Rio de Janeiro +55 2133987370

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