Safe transport solutions for the chemical industry.

Your benefits at a glance.


Decades of experience in working with the chemical industry.


The fastest connection to over 300 destinations.

Direct transfers.


Specially trained employees, experts on dangerous goods.

Specially trained employees for handling particularly valuable cargo as well.


No weight limit.

Flexible flight planning, including for CAO dangerous goods, thanks to a strong freighter fleet.

Network-on-demand as an additional service for rerouting or charter solutions.


Compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards.


Possible to track shipments in real time.


Make reservations and receive individual advice.

At your nearest Lufthansa Cargo Service Center.

Around the clock from Lufthansa Cargo Call Centers.

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    Air freight: a factor in quality assurance.

    We know the special requirements that your shipments entail. With our special product Care/td, we meet all IATA requirements. We are experts in Dangerous Goods Regulations, have completed ADR and IMDG training and see to it that every thing runs smoothly and without disruptions. From special restrictions or requirements, a particular mode of transport and temperature control, to special conditions while in transit, you will find the contact person in our logistics and DGR experts. As a result, we are always able to offer the right logistics solutions for your specific need. Our proven combination of safety, speed and reliability is always our highest priority.
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    The right logistics solution for every need.

    With Care/td, we transport shipments classified as dangerous goods safely to their destinations. Dangerous goods include many different products and substances, such as industrial gases, specialty chemicals and fertilizers, raw materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, flavoring agents, adhesives and sealants, as well as reference materials for laboratory testing. Care/td transports comply with ICAO/IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and equally put the safety of people, the shipment, the environment and the aircraft first each and every time. Do you have dangerous goods that need to be transported not only in accordance with the strictest security regulations, but also as part of an urgent shipment? In such cases, you can now book Care/td together with our proven express product td.Flash. Thanks to this combination, you have guaranteed access to capacity and the higher priority to match, in addition to shorter delivery times. If special security precautions and supervision are also necessary, as is the case with ink for banknotes, Care/td can be combined with Safe/td1.
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    Benefit from our global network.

    When you choose Lufthansa Cargo for your air freight needs, you benefit from our global network. We offer more than 300 destinations in around 100 countries to choose from. Even those dangerous goods prohibited from transport in the cargo hold of passenger aircraft (Cargo Aircraft Only) arrive safely wherever they need to be thanks to our fleet, consisting of MD-11F and new Boeing 777F aircraft. And if our network happens not to stretch to some especially remote destination, we offer Network-on-demand, which gives you the opportunity to charter flights or to reroute one of our freighter’s scheduled flights. We act flexibly according to your needs.