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COVID-19 Temp Premium Benefits

COVID-19 Temp Premium - your benefits at a glance:

High priority capacity access

Fastest speed option in combination with temperature focus

Comprehensive security standards

Continuous attention throughout the entire transport chain

Bookable throughout Lufthansa Cargo’s entire network

Available transport options from active heat and cool containers, va-q-tainers and suitable packaging solutions

Temporary offer to support the countering of the COVID-19 pandemic

Covid-19 Product Features Headline

Product Features.

Product Features - Covid-19 Temp Premium

1. Capacity
  • High priority capacity access
  • Various options to gain additional capacity access (e.g. via charter solutions)
2. Temperature support & handling (general)
  • Transport options can be selected according to the customer’s requirements: Transport in active heat and cool containers as well as va-q-tainers offered by Lufthansa Cargo or in customer’s own suitable passive packaging solution 
  • Palletization of shipments, delivered loose by the customer, to ensure smooth handling procedures from airport of origin to airport of destination 
  • Short apron times, storage in protected, temperature-controlled environments when storage capacity is available
  • Transport in temperature-controlled cargo compartments when available and co-loading shipments allow  
  • Road Feeder Service with refrigerated trucks for all shipments 
  • In Lufthansa Cargo’s hubs Frankfurt and Munich all COVID-19 Temp Premium shipments are stored in our own temperature controlled facilities 
  • Effective protection from sunlight through our specially developed reflective foil: on all palettes worldwide and completely free of charge
  • Better planning thanks to a comprehensive infrastructure database: all information on product availability at your location of departure and destinations are available online
2.1. Active heat and cool containers
  • Active heat and cool containers ensure a consistent cooling chain or constant temperatures 
  • The largest range of special containers with active cooling or heating systems in the world: Unicooler, Opticooler, Envirotainer t-series and e-series, CSafe: Discover more 
  • Constant temperature management between -20°C and +30°C with consistent temperatures throughout the entire Lufthansa Cargo network 
  • Active temperature control units available at numerous airports – for seamless temperature control from sender to recipient 
  • Unique global transparency: seamless data recording with Opticooler, Unicooler, CSafe and Envirotainer e-series (such as inside temperature, ambient temperature, temperature variations, door operation and more) 
2.2. Passive packaging solutions
  • va-Q-tainer: va-q-tec solution to keep temperature range constant for up to five days, qualified temperature ranges from -80°C to +25°C depending on coolant, available in different sizes 
3. Booking
  • Booking at your local Lufthansa Cargo office or at our service centers
4. Quality standards and customer service
  • eTracking 24/7 online and by mobile app for status requests 
  • 24/7 after sales customer service availability, requests handled with highest priority (except booking- and status requests) 
  • 24/7 shipment monitoring and intervention if issues arise and proactive customer information  
  • Pro-active information for the customer to anticipate time of availability at final destination 
  • Recovery with highest priority 
  • Detailed transport analyses in case of recorded temperature deviations, upon request after delivery  
  • Post flight container data report included on demand 
5. Security
  • Comprehensive security concept
6. Available Speed combinations
  • td.Flash only