Our MD-11F: Efficiency takes off.

Besides Boeing 777F, Lufthansa Cargo operates one last freighter of type MD-11F. This productive planes has plenty to offer when it comes to safety and high capacity, and it carries your cargo around the world reliably and economically.

Matterport MD-11F

In memory of our former workhorse, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11F.

The MD-11F at a glance

The MD-11F at a glance.

Main deck
26 positions: 244 x 318 cm
Side cargo door (H x W): 256 x 356 cm

Lower deck
Front hold 6 positions: max. 244 x 318 cm
Front hold door (H x W): 167 x 264 cm
Rear hold: 4 positions, max. 244 x 318 cm or 14 LD3 containers
Rear hold door (H x W): 167 x 264 cm
Hold 5 loose cargo only
Bulk hold door (H x W): 91 x 76 cm

Loading height
Main deck: max. 245 cm
Lower deck: max. 163 cm
Standard loading capacity: 93,230 kg

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