Making horses and riders happy

Lufthansa Cargo will be adding 24 more horse containers to its existing portfolio for greater travel comfort.

The more pleasant the flight is, the more relaxed you are when you arrive at your destination. This rule applies not only to people, but also to horses, which is why ensuring that transport is as stress-free as possible is the top priority of Lufthansa Cargos Live/td service. The freighter airline is working continuously to precisely adapt Live/td to the needs of their sensitive four-legged friends and constantly improve the service. These efforts include the latest investment: Lufthansa Cargo will be adding 24 more state-of-the-art horse containers to the existing portfolio by June 2016. In particular, they stand out from the crowd thanks to the light colors of the innovative plastic materials that are now installed in the top of the horse container. These materials provide better protection against heat and cold and minimize the risk of injury as compared with conventional aluminum. Stable, non-slip flooring guarantees optimal footing for the horses. Automatic roll-up covers at the front and rear makes handling easier for the grooms. With this service, you can be sure that the horses entrusted to your care arrive safely and comfortably at their destinations.
Lufthansa Cargo added the first 26 new containers to the Live/td service back in 2013. By adding more now for a total of 50, the freighter airline will be able to offer their customers the option of larger events or charter flights with Lufthansa Cargos own containers in the future.