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Cool - your option for the air transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.

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Your benefits.

Minimal tarmac exposure times and storage in protected, temperature-controlled surroundings where available.

Shipments travel in temperature-controlled cargo compartments wherever possible, depending on the aircraft type.

Special containers with active temperature control (Cool-Active). 

Uninterrupted recording of temperature data with the container types Opticooler, Unicooler, CSafe and e-series.

Documentation of the transportation chain and special proactive communication in the case of Cool-Active.

Effective sun protection by specially developed protective film. The film reduces solar-induced temperature increases by up to 20 degrees.


Cool Center Frankfurt.

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Cool - temperature control.

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Possible product combinations Cool.



Add-on Services:

* More combinations of these special products may be available on request. Please contact your customer service representative for individual clarification.

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