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All dangerous goods. All modes of transport. One tool.

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Your benefits at a glance:

One for all.

DGD.online can be used regardless of the mode of transport and chosen carrier.

More flexibility.

DGDs can be edited anytime, from anywhere, on all mobile devices – including electronic signatures.

More productivity.

The user-friendly interface, automatic data validation and other useful features make preparing DGDs significantly faster.

Fewer errors.

Automatic validation of data reduces rejections that can lead to additional work and higher costs.

Better collaboration.

DGD.online makes it possible to use a common digital workflow across locations and shifts, including external logistics partners – without them needing accounts of their own.

Lower costs.

Benefit from lower initial costs, zero maintenance expenses and lower follow-up costs due to re-checks and other measures.

Added security.

The high level of server security in Germany, accurate documentation and restricted access for qualified users make DGD.online secure.

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The right model for your company.

Simply choose the right option for your company.

The DGD.online access packages:

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