Christmas under palm trees

Lufthansa Cargo took 252 Christmas trees to the Maldives.

Christmas without the fragrance of fir? Hardly imaginable. But what to do if there are no fir trees to be found among the palms? The Maldives have a lot to offer but you would be hard pressed to find the common Christmas tree there.

To ensure that holiday-makers can enjoy the sun and celebrate under the palms with a proper Christmas tree, Lufthansa Cargo flew four tonnes of them to the island paradise last week.
The customer of forwarding company SDV Geis delivers groceries to many well-known hotels on the Maldives – and for a few years also Christmas trees.

Distribution and handling staff worked hand in hand at loading to ensure that the transport went according to schedule and Christmas could be celebrated in style in the Indian Ocean. “I was deeply impressed by how they all lent a hand – regardless of department or function”, says Sebastian Ostermann, responsible account manager at Lufthansa Cargo for the customer SDV Geis.

After loading, the Christmas cargo travelled by Road Feeder Service to Vienna, which is the only hub for flights to the Maldives in Lufthansa’s network until 9 December. Flight OS045 finally took the trees to the Maldives, bringing holiday-makers the beloved fragrance of fir.