Connections to Moscow at a glance:

Lufthansa Cargo freighter flights to Moscow (DME).

Origin Destination Flight No. A/C Type Freighter/PAX Day
FRA ASB (via DME) LH 8344 MD-11F Freighter 1
FRA NRT(Tokyo)via DME LH 8384 MD-11F Freighter 1,3,5*
FRA DME LH 1444/1448/1450/1452 32A/319 PAX Daily
MUC DME LH 2528/2530 321/320/319 PAX Daily
VIE DME OS 601*/605** 319/320 PAX Daily


*1,5 available from 19Feb-18Mar,2016; 3 available from 24Feb-23Mar,2016; ** Available from 19 Feb-03Apr,2016
Schedule changes may occur without prior notice. All times are local times. 

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