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Explore our digital interfaces and integrate our data in your own solutions. 

Current API portfolio:​

  • getRoutes (open)
  • Tracking (open)
  • TrackingPush​ (open)
  • getRates (private)
  • smartBooking (private)
  • PublishData (private)

Get an idea about the APIs and the request and response structure here

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It is very easy to connect with us: ​

  • Apply for a key​
  • Setup the connection​
  • Try the API​

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News features for Shipment Tracking API

  • The API provides also eFreight details (pre-check status)​
  • Tracking for Valuables and Vulnerables is possible. Please contact LH Cargo for these tracking options.

The following changes are included in the current release on date 04/01/2021

  • Include X-signature in push notifications (callbacks) header. With the signature the API consumer can identify that the notification was sent by Lufthansa Cargo
  • Prevent creation of subscriptions with callback addresses that are not reachable
  • New success http codes and new error code. For details please have a look into the API documentation.
  • Quicker sending times
  • Several bug fixes and technical changes to make maintenance easier

Our API getRoutes provides now CO2 emission value for each route

LH Cargo informs you for every requested routing option about the routing specific CO2 emissions. This enables you to include environmental protection information into your transport decision process.For further information about LH Cargo environmental policy and the calculation method of CO2 emissions please check our website

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Current Status of our APIs
All systems are up and running.