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Chinese Customs.

Chinese Customs.

Electronic data submission for all shipments with destination China.

In this document we provide you with relevant information on which data the Chinese customs requests on Master and HAWB level for all import shipments to China.

Transit via Shanghai (PVG).

With immediate effect, Chinese customs will impose additional requirements for all transit shipments via Shanghai (PVG). For these shipments, the packing list and invoice must be available already before arrival of the shipment in Shanghai. In order to guarantee a smooth transit of your shipment, we kindly ask you to scan the packing list and the invoice and send them in advance by e-mail to Lufthansa Cargo at fgapvgteam@dlh.de. Alternatively, you can fill out this form and send it by email to fgapvgteam@dlh.de before departure of your shipment.

Transit via Peking (PEK).

With immediate effect, all transit shipments via PEK (Beijing Capital International Airport) to other Chinese destinations must meet the following requirements: Customs in PEK now requires a relevant “goods description”, the HS code, the number of units and the weight, as well as the value and related currency of the shipment. Therefore, please send for each shipment an email with the information requested in the attached form to both of these email addresses: capek-trf@airchinacargo.com and pekgz@dlh.de. When completing the form, please bear in mind the following:

  • one Excel form per master AWB
  • the file name should be changed to the MAWB number
  • the subject line for the email should contain the MAWB number
  • the email must reach both email recipients one hour after the shipment has left the place of departure at the latest
  • printed copies of both the form and the invoice must be included with the shipment, outside of the pouch
  • the declarant’s signature may be printed or typed

Unfortunately, there may be delays in delivering your shipment if these steps are not followed. Our agent in China will translate all of the relevant documents into Chinese. If you have any questions, you can contact your local Lufthansa Cargo contact at any time.