New Boeing Simulator for Frankfurt

The only 777 even quieter than the new freighters is the new flight simulator at Lufthansa Flight Training (LFT).

The Boeing 777 is Lufthansa Cargo’s flagship in its fleet of cargo aircraft. It stands out for its ecological efficiency – thanks to state-of-the-art engines with low noise and fuel emissions. The only 777 even quieter than the new freighters is the new flight simulator at Lufthansa Flight Training (LFT). On August 17, the LFT in Frankfurt commissioned a type 777-300ER cockpit simulator into operation there. For LFT, this is the second simulator of its type; another one is in use at the Lufthansa Flight Training Center in Berlin-Schönefeld.

Lufthansa Cargo will be utilizing a major portion of the training time offered by the youngest member of the LFT simulator range: “We are pleased that we can now offer Lufthansa Cargo pilots license training sessions and type ratings in the immediate vicinity of their home base,” said Ulrich Lindner, head of the Simulator Training business area of LFT at the inauguration. But LFT can now also free up capacity for other 777 operators at a central location at its international hub in Frankfurt for this type: “The 777-300ER is a prevalent aircraft type and the need for training in the market is correspondingly high.” In addition, operators of the 777F cargo version can use the Level D-certified simulator to ensure their pilots are also qualified to fly it.

“With the Boeing 777F, Lufthansa Cargo operates the most modern and efficient long-haul cargo aircraft on the market,” stressed flight captain Matthias Marx, head of Crew Training at Lufthansa Cargo. Thanks to the option of training and testing our pilots in Frankfurt in the new 777 simulator, we gain time and flexibility. Both are key factors in the logistics and training businesses. After many years of excellent collaboration with LFT, the continuation of a fair and fruitful partnership is the next logical step at this juncture.”

The cockpit simulator, which weighs more than twelve tons, was delivered to LFT in mid-April 2015. Together with pilots from Lufthansa Cargo, experts from Lufthansa Flight Training put the device through its paces ahead of time at the Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training (formerly Sim-Industries) location in the Dutch town of Sassenheim, where it was manufactured.

The disassembled 777 simulator made the trip to Frankfurt in a flatbed truck in a few large parts. Setup required four weeks; this was followed by an acceptance phase that lasted six weeks in total. The official acceptance by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation ultimately followed in mid-August.
The cockpit simulators – 21 in total – that are located at Lufthansa Flight Training in Frankfurt simulate 15 different types of aircraft and are in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The technical reliability of these simulators is over 99 percent.