As stylish as Steed and Peel

Looking well-groomed is essential for today’s modern man. What he wears must be stylish, elegant but practical at the same time. And like John Steed of the Avengers, he definitely needs the right companion by his side. She should be a real lady: as elegant, slim, and classically beautiful as Emma Peel.

Who else would fit this description better than Lufthansa Cargo’s Triple Seven? A strict 34-24-34? That’s so yesterday. An imposing 6,370-1,860-6,480 are the new model stats! And even the fashion industry agrees. For its coming autumn/winter campaign menswear designer Digel wanted none other than this model before the camera alongside professional Axel Hermann: “One image. One message – the motto of Digel’s campaign is: ‘The global professional’”, explains Philipp Tausch, Head of Marketing. “The Triple Seven is the perfect model to communicate this key message.” While model Axel Hermann represents the lifestyle of today’s modern man – jet-setting, suave and urbane, high-achieving, well-organised, cosmopolitan, fashion-savvy – the Cargo freighter is associated with cutting-edge technology, innovation, business, travel, global cachet but also security. “This is also what our brand and our products stand for”, confirms Tausch.

And so freight and fashion come together. While Digel brings along male model Axel, four different outfits and stylists, make-up artists, photographers and an ironing board, Lufthansa Cargo offers the apron of Frankfurt Airport and a real lady – with two valuable assets.
The project had already been planned several months in advance: In compliance with a strict budget the products had to be carefully selected, a team recruited and tasks clearly defined. “Perfect teamwork is essential for the success of such an elaborate photo shoot”, underlines Philipp Tausch. In contrast, the eleven hours it takes until the actual shoot wraps up seem to go by in a flash.

In front of the turbine, against the rear of the aircraft, under the wing: The dynamic duo strike professional poses in front of the camera from various angles, showing off the casual and functional suit and jacket combinations made out of the finest materials to their best advantage. Streaming rain, wind and chilly weather fittingly produce an autumn mood.
At the end of the day we can see for ourselves: Freight and fashion make rather a handsome couple. “We were deeply impressed by the results! A more petite lady would simply not have been so chic”, comments Tausch with a twinkle in his eye –John Steed and Emma Peel would have been proud of the two.