The new “planet” has arrived!

“En vogue”  is the title of the current edition which is teeming with exciting projects.


The focus of the edition is dedicated to the textile industry, because fashion is everywhere we go:  It belongs to us as humans, keeps us  warm and is an expression of personality. From an economic perspective, fashion means growth, but it is also a sign of constant change. Why fashion feels at home with Lufthansa Cargo, the new “planet” shows.  It takes the reader into the satellite manufacturing world of manufacturer Thales Alenia Space and discovers unexpected information about the satellites in the Iridium project and the corresponding logistical requirements. It also gives insight into how forwarder Daher and Lufthansa Cargo work together to always get the sensitive, high-tech satellites to the right place at the right time.
The current edition of “planet” will of course again be available as an app, with all the highlights of the paper copy, as well as additional videos and photos. Download the magazine onto your tablet for free from the iTunes Store or Google Play. You can also catch up on the highlights in our Cargo Diary.