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The power of "together".

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Your benefits at a glance.

Larger and faster network:

Direct access to more destinations.

Faster and more frequent connections.

Increased capacity: freighter and belly combined.

Enhanced quality and flexibility:

Unified process standards.

Combination of specialized features.

More service recovery options.

Seamless integration:

Collocation of export drop-off and import delivery (only at the applicable airports).

Faster accessibility and transaction time.

Same access to the joint network of both partners.

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More destinations, more flights to choose from.

The benefits of the cooperation between ANA Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo are numerous. The two most obvious ones are the advantages that directly result from ANA Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo combining their networks. In total, Lufthansa and ANA provide more than 90 flights a week.

Airports connected in this joint venture include Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich, Paris, London, Brussels and Vienna (via Austrian Airlines) as well as Tokyo-Haneda, Tokyo-Narita, Nagoya and Osaka – plus of course the feeder networks of both ANA Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo. 

The larger network allows us to handle even more shipments from even more origins. There are more connecting flights for cargo as well as more direct flights to choose from. Many truck transports can also be replaced by continental flights, meaning that your standard and express cargo could arrive hours earlier.

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Seamless integration makes things easier for you.

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    A combination you can rely on.

    The increased number of flights available through the joint venture also offers many advantages in terms of flexibility and quality. More daily flights also mean more options to move or recover shipments in case of interruptions. The number of flights available gives us more ways to ensure that shipments arrive within your preferred time frame, guaranteeing not only quality cargo services, but also the ease of mind that only comes with true reliability.
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    More options for special requirements.

    Besides this larger and faster network, we can offer you more options for your cargo by combining belly and freighter capacities. This is particularly relevant for shipments with special needs, such as goods that can only be transported by freighter due to their size or due to government regulations.
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    More benefits:

    • More flights to choose from: in total, more than 90 flights a week.
    • More capacity thanks to increased total number of flights.
    • More continental connections.
    • More efficiency.
    • Faster shipment by shifting from truck to continental connections
    • More options for meeting special requirements.