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Quality at low cost.

At Kuehne + Nagel, consignments are increasingly sent by td.Basic. Which comes as no surprise, given the many advantages the new low-price product offers customers.

Marko Gunzenhäuser’s response is immediate: “For us, td.Basic is the perfect fit for what used to be a gap in our product range.” The 44-yearold is the Regional Manager of Airfreight for the South-West region at Kuehne + Nagel in Stuttgart. The logistics giant’s customers in Stuttgart are mainly SMEs in the mechanical engineering, automotive and pharmaceuticals industries. Just under 70 employees look after airfreight exports at the Kuehne + Nagel Cargo Center in Leinfelden- Echterdingen. “We dispatch shipments of all kinds: time-critical and temperature-controlled cargo as well as complete vehicles and standard freight,” says Philip Müller, the export manager in charge. “This new td.Basic product increasingly led us to give preference to Lufthansa Cargo.”

Especially in cases where time may be important but not everything, consignments travel around the globe via td.Basic at an attractive price – and with the accustomed quality of service provided by Lufthansa Cargo. “The product can only be booked online,” says Elke Schäffer from the Lufthansa Cargo Center in Stuttgart. “Delivery is made no later than the time quoted by us, which in turn depends on the time the cargo is delivered to us. We plan and book the entire routing within the specified time window.” During an online enquiry, the availability of td.Basic is checked in real time. 

“Making a booking is as simple as can be, and all the details about the planned flight are always transparent,” as Philip Müller explains.

Whether it’s two tons of material for the pharmaceuticals industry to Almaty, 500 kilograms of machinery parts to Bombay or a ton of electronic equipment destined for Beijing which, due to its fragility, is to be sent airfreight after all – for the 31-year-old export manager the benefits of using td.Basic are obvious: “We often have cases where the goods do not need to be delivered to their destination immediately, but where it is important that the freight arrives safely and reliably instead, and that it does not need to be reloaded along the way, for example. The new td.Basic product combines cheap rates, high service quality and a highly efficient network.”

For Kuehne + Nagel’s Regional Manager Airfreight Marko Gunzenhäuser, some of Lufthansa Cargo’s other strengths come into play as well: “Lufthansa Cargo is a reliable partner and is of vital importance to us because it allows us to cover all facets of our business with them. The new td.Basic also uses the extensive network of routes that is in place for the premium products. With many airlines cutting back on freight capacity, Lufthansa Cargo will become even more important for us in the future.”

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Elke Schäffer (r.) from the Lufthansa Cargo Center in Stuttgart explains the booking procedure to Philip Müller.

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  • Transport product in the lower price segment.

  • At the customary Lufthansa Cargo quality.

  • Online availability check in real time.

  • Booking and flight details transparent.

  • Pricing information available immediately thanks to online booking.

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Checking availability and obtaining pricing information takes just seconds. All the booking details are transparent at all times.

Alex Kraus