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New standards.

What does Lufthansa Cargo’s new online product for standard airfreight, td.Basic, have to offer? Brian Kowalke, Senior ­Product Manager, provides the answers.

What are the core elements of td.Basic?
td.Basic is a product that can be booked only via eBooking at an attractive price – with the usual high Lufthansa quality. However, via online booking, customers are immediately given a price offer. Customers therefore buy the promise by Lufthansa Cargo to deliver the goods to them within a clearly defined window. Lufthansa Cargo plans the specific route – and can even change it after receiving the goods provided the latest delivery time is not exceeded. The routing forwarded to customers is transparent at all times. 

Does td.Basic replace the familiar td.Pro?
Not at all. td.Basic is a third speed level in Lufthansa Cargo’s product world in addition to td.Pro and the express product td.Flash. The basic product is clearly marked off from td.Pro, above all by the throughput, which at most is three to four days longer. Furthermore, under no circumstances can each Pro shipment be converted into a basic booking. However, ­td.Basic’s price is also clearly below that of td.Pro. While customers acquire a window with td.Basic, they book specific routing with the familiar td.Pro. They can also book via all sales channels whereby in contrast, td.Basic is only available via eBooking. td.Basic’s minimum weight is an additional difference. For the first time, Lufthansa Cargo is charging a fee for booking changes involving major updates for a standard product.

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What do you understand "major updates" that incur additional fees to mean?
That is geared towards very clearly specified factors. For example, if the start or destination of the shipment are changed, the booking is cancelled or significantly less weight is supplied than was booked. By contrast, the fee is not imposed if the weight is increased. Everybody is familiar with the principle of such a fee but it is not widely applied in the airfreight industry. However, in the case of a cost-effective product such as td.Basic, we are convinced of the necessity of being profitable with our low-price product. 

Is td.Basic available on any routes?
td.Basic is available worldwide but as in the case of many online products, availability is limited and reviewed in real-time. Under certain circumstances the product cannot be purchased for heavily-used routes or on peak days. If – based on our price parameters – capacity is available for the enquiry, td.Basic will be displayed as available and customers can book. If td.Basic is not stated in the eBooking channels, it is not available in the product range for those routes.

For whom is td.Basic of interest?
For all customers who attach greater importance to lower shipping costs than high speed for their freight – but who nevertheless want to rely on the highest quality during the entire process.

New low-cost product:

In September, Lufthansa Cargo supplemented its range to include a standard airfreight product, which has price as its primary purchase argument and allows for a slightly longer freight throughput. It is called td.Basic and caused quite a stir in the airfreight industry. Senior Product Manager Brian Kowalke managed the launch of the new product.


More details on td.Basic can be found in our iPad ­edition, available free at the App Store.





Daniel Kummer

planet 02/2016