Courier.Solutions ‒ our express solution for personally supervised transit.

When you have no time to lose.

Imagine: In just one hour and 15 minutes, two tons of car parts need to make a connecting flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg, so they can be further processed there on schedule.

Or a courier shipment from Delhi lands in Munich at 5.30 pm, but needs to be picked up in London just four hours later. Both cases require the fastest possible transit and highest possible reliability. And in both cases, the answer is Courier.Solutions by Lufthansa Cargo.

Courier.Solutions is our special service for especially time-critical and high-value air freight, regardless of weight or size. Whether it is 50 kg or five tons ‒ the combination of personal supervision on the ground, maximum speed and short-term capacity access makes Courier.Solutions the first choice for sensitive shipments, regardless of their size and weight. Our worldwide logistics network offers fast flight connections to some 300 destinations in more than 100 countries. We get your express freight where it needs to be ‒ fast and supervised. 

Top speed, personally supervised.

Courier.Solutions ensures the highest speed, thanks to minimum handling and transport times. We keep a personal eye on your shipment ‒ you can depend on it.

  • Freight accepted up to 90 minutes before planned departure.
  • Earliest availability 90 minutes after planned landing.
  • Minimal transit times at our hubs thanks to direct plane-to-plane loading: 60 minutes in Frankfurt, 50 minutes in Munich.
  • Loading loose or in special containers or on palettes.
  • Special handling by time:matters at the Courier Terminal in Frankfurt.



A good feeling: Guaranteed capacity.

With Courier.Solutions, you have guaranteed capacity access* for your air freight, even at busy times in peak season.

Guaranteed capacity* at booking up to 3 hours before latest acceptance time:

  • 200 kg/1.2 m³ ‒ on all flights/aircraft.

Guaranteed capacity* at booking up to 24 hours before latest acceptance time:

  • 1,000 kg/6 m³ ‒ on widebody aircraft.
  • 2,000 kg/12 m³ ‒ on cargo flights.

You get immediate booking confirmation with the capacity guarantee.*

Individual exceptions may apply. Guarantee applies to shipments in a 1:6 volume ratio.

Quality you can rely on.

For Courier.Solutions, we use special handling processes and supervise each shipment individually, all in close cooperation with our partner time:matters.

  • All Courier.Solutions shipments are monitored around the clock to ensure that everything goes smoothly – even if a flight is delayed.
  • Loading is supervised by specially trained personnel in transit in Frankfurt and Munich.
  • Active measurement and quality improvement through Continuous Process Management.
  • Continuous further training of employees to ensure maintenance of our high quality standards.

Of course: Simple booking and communication.

Efficient transportation from start to finish means maximum reliability with minimum complexity. We provide this as a matter of course.

  • Electronic booking anytime, anywhere ‒ eBooking 24/7.
  • Booking through your local Lufthansa Cargo office until latest acceptance time.
  • You can also book Courier.Solutions through our Lufthansa Cargo Service Center.
  • Direct, personal information in the event of irregularities using whichever means of communication you prefer, telephone or email. If requested, we can also keep you informed during transportation.

Your benefits.

Top speed and top priority for your air freight, on the ground and in the air.

Direct transfer from aircraft to aircraft on the apron. 

No weight limit.

Guaranteed capacity access up to 2 tons. 

The highest quality and reliability through constant, proactive supervision of your shipment. 

Supervision of loading by our partner time:matters at the aircraft position.

Webspecial – Courier.Solutions.

Possible product combinations Courier.Solutions.



Add-on Services:

* More combinations of these special products may be available on request. Please contact your customer service representative for individual clarification.